Custom Crafted Bikes & Restorations

At Captain Walker’s, along with restorations, we love to custom-craft bikes. Because customisation gives you the freedom and creativity to choose exactly what you want in a bike, perfectly reflecting your personality, purpose and lifestyle.

Bespoke bikes

Some customers come to us wanting a fully customisable bike, such as an adventure bike or a completely bespoke bicycle, built from the ground up. We can help put together a bike that is right for you.

Partial customisation

We find that most people want some level of customisation to their bicycle, including ourselves. This is why we stock a wide range of bikes and accessories. You can purchase bikes right off the showroom floor and ride them home. Find out more about our range of new bikes here.


If you have an old bike you want to restore, you’re definitely in the right place. We cater for re-chroming, painting and everything else.

Looking for a new custom bike or need your old one restored?

Here’s a selection of past bikes made for our happy customers

We are not sry Mr Jackson

Twice the Love

Little Creatures Fleet

The French Revolution

The Crave

Tadhg’s Diamond Back Restoration

Stealth @ Full Power

Red With Envy

Muz’s Mazi

Jed’s Weapon Of Mass Construction

Grant’s Bat Mobile

Custom Phoenix

Basman 3 Speed

3 Speed Stealth

3 Speed Dreaming

Russel’s Bamsan

Gary’s Phat Bike

Baby Wants Fixie!

Alex’s Amazing Langster

YES! We can pick-up your old bike and deliver it back to your front door all sparkling and new!